How to implement digital marketing strategy in travel and tourism business?
August 08, 2019 KIRAN A
Digital marketing strategy for your travel agency is very important. Consider, you're a brand, whether you're a sole owner, a business, or a blogger. See your brand as a persona as part of the digital marketing strategy for your travel agency. Would this person be your friend? Give a reason to your clients to love your brand. People need only a reason to think. They want your marketing attempts to entertain and inform them. Effective brands indicate that their products can improve the life of a consumer.
The consumer is no longer waiting for a one-way message from a brand to be pushed to them. They expect a dialogue with a brand. Don’t belittle yourself by overselling deals. Pull your audience in with engaging messages so that they want to be a part of your world. In short have a buyer persona and tailor your offerings to suit your target audience. The following are the digital marketing strategy for your travel agency that needs to be considered:
Destination Marketing
Understanding your audience is the first step towards creating a winning digital marketing strategy. To understand how to attract your audience, you first need to define who they are. Where are your key demographics millennial, couples, seniors, families from? Reason being, when you’ve pinpointed exactly who you’re trying to attract, it becomes that much easier to:
  • Appeal to this audience
  • Directly tackle their worries, needs, or reservations about a day-out or journey
  • Resonate in their interest areas
  • Attract prospective clients who may not heard of you
  • Reactivate those who have heard of you
Now, to Digital Marketing
To get your message out, use all facets of social networks. And be sure that you handle each one in a unique manner. We're talking about Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.
Social Networking Tips
Use pictures such as sky or ocean for Facebook because they get the most engagement. Always publish at 11.00 AM & noon on Facebook, where most individuals are active.
Travel Technology
Engage with your audience
Use short questions, rather than long ones to engage with your audience.
Instagram is great for going viral
With their Facebook and Twitter accounts, your audience on Instagram can readily be shared with your fantastic travel pictures.
Go with Video
Whether you're busy with the movies or films on your website, blog or networks, according to Forrester studies, 60% of all internet traffic comes from video.
Social Media Matters
Even if you have a wonderful website or blog, if you're not on social networks, you're cheating yourself. That's because Google ranks content greater than other content that is distributed through these networks. With an active social presence, the search findings will show your material nearer to the top of the page.
Go back to Twitter
Did you decide Facebook would work best for you? You still need to restart Tweeting as Twitter users & be an audience with your audience. This makes sure that Twitter an article does not remain on Twitter, it gets shared across your audiences.
Get great content that go viral
Having your clients distribute content on your behalf is the way to attain ROI with social media marketing. People want to share notable content. Create or get material that gives your audience travel tips or dream itineraries or something they want to share with their colleagues. You have access to incredible experiences that you can share with the globe as a travel consultant. Focus on how to transform these experiences into incredible content and make it simple to share with your audience.
Digital marketing is indeed transforming the tourism industry
One of the industry’s most affected by digital development is hospitality and tourism. Transportation and accommodation businesses are among the first to use digital marketing methods to engage communities in their activities and to ensure that their clients have the greatest possible experience away from home. Digital Marketing for Travel Agency is very important. Players in the travel industry are always looking for the newest and greatest ways to reach their buyer persona and tailor their offer to their target audience in order to perform well and gain competitive advantage. Let's look at some of the latest examples of digital marketing applications that can be learned from marketers from any sector.

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How to succeed in online travel business?
Robust booking engine platform
One must have best travel technology partner to setup robust OTA. Find out a company with great infrastructure, a unique product team in core, implementation team for customer interface and must have quicker to go market approach. This will let you focus on other non technology but IMP tasks.
Don't sell deals, sell expertise!!!
Many agents advertise deals on their booking platforms and send promote it. It's tough to beat deals on the Internet, and will be even tougher proceeding further. Upgrade your booking engine and define a clear strategy to sell expert advice and personalized service.
Plan your segment well
In general, global market has two traveler types. 1 - Those with more money than time and 2 - those with more time than money. Target both segments but travelers with more money than time value purchasing a agency's expertise and ability to handle and manage all aspect of the trip.
Engage and sell through social media
We highly recommend social presence for your travel business. Get your customers be fans and to post reviews of your services. Engage them with insights and tips. A facebook page is best used, when it's less about selling and more about engaging.
OTA is the future of travel agency !
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