2019 travel technology trends in USA, Canada and India (Resources)
June 07, 2019 KIRAN A
The present-day global traveling industry in the United States and Canada faces multiple challenges and lays the professionals of the sector under the necessity to meet customers’ needs not only in person but also on the web remaining in line with the evolving new technology facets in travel and tourism as well as customer experience trends. To gain an edge over your competitors as a travel industry expert you should adjust your approach, stay in line with travel tech trends of 2019 and provide your clients with a perfect and unique traveling experience.
Below are some of the most progressive technologies, which are coming out to play in the field of eTravel services in 2019. It will help you go with the tides of the latest industry tendencies and navigate freely amid the intricacies of the present-day digital travel ecosystem.
Recognition Technology
The high-tech technology of recognition has a great potential for travel technology. Recognition Technology includes fingerprint, facial recognition, retina scanning or other biometric identification methods. The technology has been rolled out into the market some time ago and has already been deployed in a number of fields, primarily with the authentication, security or law enforcement aims.
The recognition technology, face recognition, in particular, has great potential for the industry of travel. The main spheres of the technology application are collecting data and identifying the personality of a traveler. It will allow the travel business stuff provide their clients with personalized services, reward them for being regular customers and grant them access to the associated services. It may be a gym or a pool, in a hotel, a special business lounge access from an airline, whatever.
Another essential purpose of the recognition technology is security. Face identification of the travelers with bad reputation can help the staff stay alert and be prepared to take measures whatever required.
Finally, the technology is particularly interesting for its possibility to takeout friction from lots of payment processes. It can make authorization quick and hassle-free. At the same time, it can automatically take into consideration all the bonuses, loyalty schemes or discount codes of the particular client.
Travel Technology
Online Travel Booking
Online travel booking is the service experiencing constant growth in the United States and Canada. The experts predict the expansion of the digital travel space and the online booking segment in 2019. Today most of all reservations in the sphere of traveling are made online, whether it’s accommodations, flights, tours or other journey-related activities. The travelers have now a perfect opportunity to review a great variety of deals on the web and choose the ones, which meet their needs, preferences, and expectations most.
Being a professional travel agent in United States and Canada, you can offer your customers to choose and book a tour on the web. As an air company  you can allow booking, purchasing and getting itinerary online. As a hotelier provide the possibility of room and extra facilities reservation through your site. You can just offer your clients the opportunity of booking and choosing services online and you will gain the majority of customers. Online services solve not only the problems of the users but help service providers as well.
Personalization is the biggest priority among the modern travel industry trends. To date, the majority of travelers worldwide admit that standard traveling process is not enough any longer. A personalized approach is now viewed more as an expectation than something extraordinary. People value the unique experience they can get, while on the go, no matter if it’s a holiday or a business trip. In fact, personalization has become the first priority among the modern trends in travel and tourism industry.
Some progressive brands have already started to introduce customized offerings and personalized services to their client Delta Flights, for instance, has already introduced account-specific messaging with corporate clients. It concerns their exclusive benefits. The flight attendants of Delta have recently got a Guest Service Tool. The device allows them to provide personalized services to corporate clients, including recognition, assistance, and even down-line flight and gate information.
More than that, the company is going to launch personalized sites for corporate customers. They will grant the travelers with account-specific access to all the Airline’s special offers for the most loyal clients.
To stand out in the modern market of travel services, one should be personal in the attitude to the customers, and add inherent value to what he offers to them. However, there is a challenge in capturing the necessary data and not to violate the principles of personal privacy. More than that, personalization requires sophistication, enthusiasm and technological solutions on part of the service provider, who aims to keep up with the most recent travel trends.
In case you are determined to offer your clients the most cutting-edge service, you should rely on expert tech solutions. Stfalcon is the very company, who has enough experience and expertise in the field of digital novelties for the traveling sphere.
Voice technology
Voice technology is a digital novelty disrupting the travel and hospitality sector. The human voice is the best and most effective means of communication and people want more convenience nowadays, whether it is connected with getting some information, making a reservation or adjusting something in your hotel room. Voice technology is an integral part of the other technologies entering the stage of the travel industry and it has much to do with personalization, artificial intelligence, and chatbots.
The main reason why an increasing number of hoteliers start introducing voice-activated devices at their hotels is the customers switch to voice interactions wherever it’s possible. Voice commands may be used for adjusting the hotel room settings to the individual needs of the guest, for the most up-to-date information provision, for the customer service purposes
Mobile Applications
Mobile applications are one of the most significant  digital trends that are easiest to implement. Travel and tourism industry overview for the recent years has shown that half of the online booking operations are mobile. Actually, this digital trend is the easiest to implement into the travel industry of contemporaneity. Mobile applications can not only facilitate the booking and reservation procedures but combined with the IoT — Internet of Things — Technology can allow hotel guests, for instance, control room appliances.
Promotional messages can be used as a part of the travel marketing strategy. Combined with a beacon technology, mobile apps are able to make them most relevant to the individual’s location and preferences. You should know for sure what trends should be taken into consideration for a perfect app design.
Travel Technology Companies

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How to succeed in online travel business?
Robust booking engine platform
One must have best travel technology partner to setup robust OTA. Find out a company with great infrastructure, a unique product team in core, implementation team for customer interface and must have quicker to go market approach. This will let you focus on other non technology but IMP tasks.
Don't sell deals, sell expertise!!!
Many agents advertise deals on their booking platforms and send promote it. It's tough to beat deals on the Internet, and will be even tougher proceeding further. Upgrade your booking engine and define a clear strategy to sell expert advice and personalized service.
Plan your segment well
In general, global market has two traveler types. 1 - Those with more money than time and 2 - those with more time than money. Target both segments but travelers with more money than time value purchasing a agency's expertise and ability to handle and manage all aspect of the trip.
Engage and sell through social media
We highly recommend social presence for your travel business. Get your customers be fans and to post reviews of your services. Engage them with insights and tips. A facebook page is best used, when it's less about selling and more about engaging.
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