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Travel agents, no longer follow the traditional process for booking travel deals for end customers. With the advancement of travel technology and mobility solutions, agencies are using online travel agent software, where in end customers and sub agencies can book online. That's why, most of the travel start-ups look forward to the OTA model.
Air ticketing software

Flight Module

  • One way flight
  • Round trip flight
  • Multi city flights
  • Preferred airline search
  • IATA airport code search
  • Adult / child / infant booking
  • Cabin class wise booking
  • Air-fare calendar
  • Direct / non stop flights request
  • Airline-wise searching
  • Pricewise searching
  • Preferred departure time
  • Preferred arrival time
  • 12 types of sorting
  • Airline wise fare quick view
  • Quick modify option
  • Auto fill capacity
  • Add meal
  • Add extra baggage while booking
  • Seat map
  • Unpaid / paid seat selection
  • Flight itinerary
  • Number of stops information
  • Flight duration
  • Fare rules
  • Discount promo code
  • Baggage information
  • Live ticketing and cancellation
  • Refund process (offline)
  • Seat left system (GDS)
  • Single / multiple payment gateway
  • SMS notifications
  • Pax wise fare summary
  • Airline wise mark-up
  • Hold booking for GDS airlines

Hotel Module

  • City wise search
  • Multiple room search
  • 10 advanced search options
  • Modify search
  • List view
  • Search result map view
  • Tripadvisor ranking
  • Star rate filtering
  • Hotel map locator
  • Secured booking page with auto fill
  • Live voucher and cancellation
  • Contracts & policies
  • SMS (addon) / E-mail ticket and invoicing
  • Responsive hotel filters
  • Responsive Hotel sorting
  • Request for hotel cancellation
  • Discount promo codes
  • Pax wise fare summary
  • Child validation
  • Image gallery
  • API cancellation policy
  • API hotel rules
  • Amenities list with icons
  • Room wise - room type and pricing (API)
  • Map view search highlighted
  • Top hotel destination
airline ticketing software
Air ticketing software

Activities Module

  • Search by city
  • Modify search
  • Grid view
  • List view
  • Discount & special offers
  • Secured booking page with auto fill
  • Live voucher and cancellation
  • Contracts & policies
  • SMS (addon) / E-mail ticket
  • Responsive sorting
  • Request for cancellation
  • Discount promo codes
  • Responsive filters
  • Child validation
  • Image gallery
  • API cancellation policy
  • API activity rules
  • Amenities relative icons
  • Activities wise - type and pricing (API)
  • Customer reviews
  • Guide language service
  • Discount promo code

Transfers Module

  • Search (by location)
  • Modify search
  • Grid view
  • List view
  • Discount & special offers
  • Secured booking page with auto fill
  • Live voucher and cancellation
  • Contracts & policies
  • SMS (addon) / E-mail ticket
  • Responsive transfer filters
  • Responsive transfer sorting
  • Request for transfer cancellation
  • Discount promo codes
  • Image gallery
  • API cancellation policy
  • API transfer rules
  • Amenities relative icons
  • Transfers wise - type and pricing (API)
  • Customer reviews
  • Driver language service
  • Multiple airport pickups
  • Discount promo code
  • Transfer inclusions
airline ticketing software
online air ticketing software

Bus Module

  • Search (by location)
  • Dynamic booking features
  • 5 + 5 Advanced bus search
  • Several filters
  • Quick search modify
  • Boarding & dropping choices
  • Seat mapping
  • Real time seat selection
  • Ladies seat assistance
  • Bus facility details
  • List view
  • Secured booking page with auto fill
  • Live voucher and cancellation
  • Contracts & policies
  • SMS (addon) / E-mail ticket
  • Responsive bus filters
  • Responsive bus sorting
  • Request for bus cancellation
  • Discount promo codes
  • Pax wise fare summary
  • API cancellation policy
  • API buses rules
  • Type and pricing wise bus listing

Holiday Module

  • Search by country, holiday type, duration
  • Advanced search
  • Modify search
  • List view
  • Holiday nights & day listing
  • Holiday ratings
  • Contracts & policies
  • Enquiry listing
  • Responsive filters
  • Pax wise fare summary
  • Image gallery
  • Cancellation policy
  • Day wise itinerary listing
  • Holiday terms and conditions
  • Enquiry database
airline ticketing software
online air ticketing software

B2C Module

  • Responsive design
  • Interactive
  • Multiple currency conversion
  • Transactional currency
  • Responsive filters
  • Responsive sorting
  • Several dynamic widgets
  • User reward and promo code
  • Secured booking with auto fill option
  • Guest / registered bookings
  • Login with facebook / gmail
  • User profile management
  • Lead profile - pax profiles
  • Add travellers and profiling
  • Add traveller Preference
  • Booking history
  • Dynamic contact portal
  • Manage bookings (B2C)
  • Single pax cancellation
  • Request for cancellation
  • Help desk system
  • SMS (addon) / Print / PDF / email ticket
  • Social media plugins
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Top flight destinations
  • Top hotel destinations
  • Top holiday package lists
  • Preferred tour styles
  • Quick links
  • Multi language (Google API) If needed

B2B Module

  • Agent registration
  • Agency login
  • Login password management
  • Agency profile management
  • Module-wise booking history
  • Module-wise mark-up management
  • Airline wise mark-up
  • Balance alert management
  • Customize agent logo
  • PNR search
  • Commission details
  • Daily sales report
  • Account ledger
  • Transaction logs
  • Several mark-up criteria
  • Quick notification update
  • Credit limit reminder
  • Check booking's status
  • Cancel booking
  • Check vouchers / invoices
  • Real-time reporting
  • Graphical reporting
air ticket booking software
air ticketing system

Admin Module

  • Complete business reports
  • Graphical reporting interface
  • Quick daily monthly yearly report
  • E-ticket
  • Payment information
  • Tax management
  • Markup management - more than 7 types
  • API management
  • Payment gateway management
  • Convenience fee management
  • Commission management
  • Agent wise commission management
  • Agent credit-debit management
  • Quick notification panel
  • Widgets management
  • Static pages and content management
  • Advertisement management
  • Dynamic business profile management
  • User and agent management
  • User activate / deactivate
  • Holiday CRS management
  • Agent activate / deactivate
  • Sub admin management
  • Screen options (Admin)
  • Booking status and information (Admin)
  • Report management (Admin)
  • Review management (Admin)
  • Cron management (DB level)
  • Subscribers management
  • Quick notification email configuration
  • Bank details management
  • Dynamic promo code generation
  • Easy multiple currency management
  • Real time currency conversion rating
  • Event logs and live events
  • Error logs
  • Special assistant failure logs from GDS
Take Your Travel Agency Online in 15 Days !!!
No GDS or API required.
New agencies can set up OTA.
Responsive layout with
100% mobile compatibility.
Payment gateway of
your choice.
software for travel agents India Mumbai
B2C (End User) &
B2B (Sub Agent) Modules.
Extended admin
Deployment & Go-Live in
less than 2 weeks.
Powerful. All In One. TRAVELOMATIX 3.0
1 Revolutionary booking engine platform lets you engage B2C users and B2B sub agencies to make more sales. Top inventory, intuitive UIs and best in class features bring the edge.
2 Use your own domain name, or purchase new one through Travelomatix. Sell the flights, hotels and other travels deals under your brand.
3 Our cloud-based IBE (internet booking engine) is 1/8 the cost of a custom travel booking engine with equal features. You spend less time managing technology and concentrate on core business.
4 Travelomatix is 100% mobile ready. Your travel website will look and perform equally well on desktops, tablets and mobile phones with no extra coding or design work.
5 Travelomatix offers payment gateway integration of your choice. Sell online deals on your travel website and receive payments directly into your account.
6 Integrate your travel booking engine with leading enterprise resource planning suites like NetSuite, Brightpearl and Microsoft Dynamics.
7 Analyze and gain insight into your online booking engine's growth. See which sectors are selling more and tweak marketing campaigns according to that.
8 Travelomatix engine is developed with high end technology to deliver the highest quality operations. Server, bandwidth and performance are the things that we take care.
How to succeed in online travel business?
Robust booking engine platform
One must have best travel technology partner to setup robust OTA. Find out a company with great infrastructure, a unique product team in core, implementation team for customer interface and must have quicker to go market approach. This will let you focus on other non technology but IMP tasks.
Don't sell deals, sell expertise!!!
Many agents advertise deals on their booking platforms and send promote it. It's tough to beat deals on the Internet, and will be even tougher proceeding further. Upgrade your booking engine and define a clear strategy to sell expert advice and personalized service.
Plan your segment well
In general, global market has two traveler types. 1 - Those with more money than time and 2 - those with more time than money. Target both segments but travelers with more money than time value purchasing a agency's expertise and ability to handle and manage all aspect of the trip.
Engage and sell through social media
We highly recommend social presence for your travel business. Get your customers be fans and to post reviews of your services. Engage them with insights and tips. A facebook page is best used, when it's less about selling and more about engaging.
Learn how Travelomatix has helped Era Bookings (Nouvelle Voyages) to double its sales. A robust booking platform, his customer centric strategy and his extensive experience in travel domain stood on his right side.
Travelomatix was named as winner of "Travel Software Product of The Year 2016" for enabling the travel agencies, tour operators and holiday companies to leverage the key benefits of OTA platform.
Travel eCommerce

Travel agencies selling
We power travel agencies, tour operators, aggregators and startup travel companies all over the world.
While you’ve been going through this page, travel websites powered by Travelomatix have new visitors over
Bangalore Travel agent software
What Customers Are Saying
Around 28% of increase in B2C bookings, as customers are getting a seamless and impressive interface. Completion automation is bringing good referrals as well.
travel software
Mr. Ram Prasath Ezi Holiday
Travelomatix is a perfect solution for agencies, who are willing to set up OTA in matter of days, rather month. The best part is, you retain your identity as its not a whitelabel.
top travel agent software
Mr. Basu Explorers Delight
Thanks for automation of reporting system. Being an owner, I am on the go most of the times. Push notifications and reports help me keep a tab on my sales and support team.
travel agents software
Abdul Musaddiq Way2Journey
OTA is the future of travel agency !
Set up your booking portal TODAY!!!
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